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[P3Dv3] Problem with saved flights

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05/03/2018 09:08:25
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I found out that some planes can't be loaded "as default flight" within P3Dv3. If you are saving a flight with e.g. A2A C182 (latest updates) at set this flight "as default flight" the sim creates Microsoft Windows error events at the application eventlog. See (sorry german)
In addition the loading time of the simulator (at the TERRAIN stage) seems to take longer as usual.The problem always occurs if you set a saved flight as default flight with specific aircrafts. I tested with A2A C182 a friend of mine with other aircrafts. To solve this issue you need to select a saved flight without a "problemThe crash seems to be independent from other other parameters like location, date/time, e.g.
Any ideas?atic plane" (problematic because it causes the sim to crash).

please help

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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